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(845) 219-1191 (call or text)



We're a scenic art and prop-making company based in the Hudson Valley. Our pieces have been commissioned by farms, orchards, stores and hotels, and event producers all over the country and Canada. We're particularly known for our large-scale whimsical props and structures for Halloween and other seasonal events. Outside of Halloween, we're known as Artistry for Spaces.

All work is realized by local Hudson Valley artists, spearheaded by by Altin Rizi, a lifelong artist whose work has been recognized worldwide, from Albania to Milan to Paris. He holds a Masters in Plastic Arts from Paris 8 in France and is a proud member of the Peekskill Arts Alliance and Hudson Valley MOCA.​​

Altin specializes in large-scale sculptures, usually made from foam, wood and other materials, as well as painting (abstract, figurative and expressionist), fine wood work and more. Bottom line: He can create literally anything for anyone in any kind of space from any kind of material. He doesn’t consider himself one style of artist. Instead, he considers himself a storyteller, acting as a vessel for ideas to manifest themselves into forms, shapes and textures. ​​